Monday, February 4, 2013


Are you playing BEERFEST Battle of the bands? Then please read this list of 'rules & regs' to see how it all works (& share it with your bandmates)...

1) The winning band gets 40% of the door, 2nd place gets 30%, 3rd place gets 20%, & 4th gets 10%. (*Previous cash prizing system -$100, $75, $50, & $25- maintained for CHUO Ed. bands rebooked from Aug. 8.) (Prizes include clothing & St. John's Music gift certificates.)
2) The winning band goes on to compete in a 1/4 final/Winner's Circle (competing against other winning bands from the same month) on the last Thursday of the following month. If the winning band is not available, then the 2nd place band may compete. 2nd place bands are also eligible to advance to the next round via a "wild card" (@ the host's discretion).
3) Winners are determined by secure fan balloting, so the more fans bands get out the better your chances of winning. Voting takes place between sets & after the final set. Fans write their choice on a post-it note & put it in a ballot box, at which time they will receive a stamp on their hand.
4) In the unlikely event of a tie host Ashley Newall will act as the tie-breaker based on performance + audience reaction to the bands while onstage. OR, a tie may actually be declared.
5) Mics & stands are provided.
6) PA & soundman are provided.
7) Drums are provided, & drummers are expected to bring breakables as per usual protocol (except cymbal stands, which are also provided). Drummer's should also bring a rug if possible. ALSO, 'hot rod' drum sticks, brushes, or electronic kits are highly encouraged/preferred. The bar has a house set of 'hot rods' if needed.
8) Band order of performance is determined by the host.
9) Start time is advertised as 9pm, but actual start-time is 9:15-9:30pm.
10) Sets are 35-40 minutes.
11) Performing band members cannot vote.
12) Promo by performing bands is ideal (& will be reciprocated): tag us on Twitter @lunenburgpubbar & please have all band members invite friends & fans to Facebook event page.
13) Please try not to book local Ottawa shows 2 weeks on either side of your gig date, if at all possible.
14) Due to bylaw restrictions & room acoustics rock bands may be asked to turn down. If still too loud host must reserve the right to stop the set to protect audience members' ears & bar from noise complaints.
15) There is a 1 hr loading zone in front of the venue. Parking is available @ the Rideau St. Beerstore.
16) Load-in AND set-up is @ 7:30pm. 2nd band in order of performers sound-checks 1st, 1st band performing sound-checks 2nd, and 3rd & 4th bands get line-checks pre-set.

...Cheers, & now you're ready to rock the Lunenburg!

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